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October 4, 2022|

Today was a marvelous day. The birds were tweeting and chirping like a mass choir! The warm air was inviting - and the elderly responded... As I walked past the terrace in our quad area, I saw the normal row of chairs, but this time with bums in the seats! It was like our residents came down to watch the nature show in our quad garden! My heart [...]

Christmas Markets

September 21, 2022|

The Boney M music is not playing yet, but planning and preparations are underway for our Christmas Markets! The residents at PAM Brink are coming up with creative ways to make items to sell as gifts at the market. The prospect of the market has brought a revival and a buzz into the home again. If you want to encourage and support our elderly some more, please let us know [...]

Helderberg Dementia Support Group

September 21, 2022|

Awareness is like planting the seed. Applying knowledge makes the seed grow. And when the knowledge is acted upon in love, that is when the person will produce blossoms. We wish this upon all our staff members as well as the family members of our residents. Strand Sorg/Care's team is an extension of the care team, to be able to carry the load of a senior living with Dementia. As [...]

Sensory Garden progress report

September 7, 2022|

This project is well on its way - it is going to be a one-of-a-kind in the dementia care arena! Once our needs list has been procured, we can set a gardening date when we will get our hands dirty - if you are excited about this garden and want to join the Garden Team for that day, please let Caryn know | Concept: Five wooden boxes, each representing one of the [...]

herLEEF Winkel

September 7, 2022|

The translation of herLEEF is revival! Our new second hand shop will be about remembering and revisiting, appreciating and celebrating an era and the people who went before us. This second hand shop has a great story and its contribution to our fundraising portfolio, will be a very welcome institution indeed. Watch this space...

Potjiekoskompetisie 29 Oktober 2022

September 7, 2022|

Liewe familie en vriende - dit is tyd vir pret met potte wat prut. Kontak asb vir Christine by of skakel 021 854 4579 as jy graag 'n potjie wil maak t.b.v. ons fondsinsameling. Ons sien uit om, na Covid, weer lekker saam te kan kuier by PAM Brink. Dit is 'n wonderlike geleentheid om gesellig te wees, nuwe mense te ontmoet en vir ons inwoners om hul geliefdes [...]


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