Today was a marvelous day. The birds were tweeting and chirping like a mass choir! The warm air was inviting – and the elderly responded… As I walked past the terrace in our quad area, I saw the normal row of chairs, but this time with bums in the seats! It was like our residents came down to watch the nature show in our quad garden! My heart was so happy to see so many of the elderly downstairs and outside.

Thank you to our carers and especially to Karen Maree, our activities co-ordinator at Esperanza. They are at the core of inspiring our residents to live their lives to the full, to enhance their quality of life, to keep their passions and interests burning and to kindle thankfulness, blessings and enjoyment in the seniors’ hearts. Yes, it is not always easy to count the blessings vs the challenges and the pain, but this morning was a win for positivity! Definitely in my heart, for one.