About Us

Strand Sorg/Care is a retirement home focused on elderly and frail care. Strand Sorg/Care is a combined programme of Huis Esperanza, focusing on Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, and Huis PAM Brink, focusing on independent living, assisted living and frail care. 

Our main aim is to provide affordable, highly skilled care in a comfortable and caring environment. We support both our residents and their families, providing the best possible care and quality of life. The homes, located in the beautiful Strand, accommodates senior and elderly individuals and couples. We provide our residents with supportive day-to-day care, a safe environment and comfortable accommodation. They can retire knowing that they will be taken care of in the short and long term.

Our History

In 2003 the Dutch Reformed Church and the VGK church consolidated to form the charitable Badisa. Badisa is a value driven organisation built on four pillars; Commitment to serve, Justice, Excellence and Stewardship/Accountability.

Strand Sorg/Care is a Badisa program for the elderly in the Helderberg area. We are a non-profit organization (NPO) and work closely with the Department of Social Development (DSD) regarding subsidization.

We currently care for 210 residents in our two separate facilities, with the capacity for 250. We employ 202 fulltime staff members who run our household 24/7, 365 – from cooking and cleaning to nursing and caring, maintenance, gardening, administration, finance and marketing.