Awareness is like planting the seed. Applying knowledge makes the seed grow. And when the knowledge is acted upon in love, that is when the person will produce blossoms. We wish this upon all our staff members as well as the family members of our residents. Strand Sorg/Care’s team is an extension of the care team, to be able to carry the load of a senior living with Dementia. As much as training is necessary for our staff, it is as valuable for families and we are here to accompany you and your loved one on your unique Dementia journey. Therefore this Dementia Support Group was born.
Through this group, we hope to facilitate a journey of understanding, comfort, healing and grace for all affected by Dementia.
Mariette Cawood Social Worker in Private Practice is a Social Worker registered with the South African Counsel for Social Service Professionals. She has a BSocSc Social Work (Hons) and Advanced Level Play Therapy and leads our sessions, helping us to empathize, listen and engage with those members of our families who want and need this support when it comes to dealing with the effects of Dementia in a family. Her experience and guidance offers families invaluable wisdom that can help them avoid pitfalls and rocky roads that will hurt and even destroy relationships. Dementia’s affects are far reaching into health, finances, legalities, relational and mental health – so equip yourself and remember, you are not alone.
You can find us at Huis Esperanza, 11 Donaldson Street Strand, every second Wednesday from 09:30 – 11:30. All who need support, are welcome.